Tailor-made consultancy

Improve your marketing department

Find out how we proceed and what tactics we employ in order to help you achieve your chosen goals.

Watchword: TAILORED

At Jupiter Academy we believe that every company is unique and exclusive and therefore deserves personalised and dynamic advice. That's why our Jupiter Masters will develop and implement a digital marketing strategy perfectly tailored to your company's VISION and MISSION, to propel it into the future of the digital world.

How we structure it

Step 1

Initial analysis

In this phase, the digital marketing consultant familiarises himself or herself with the company or client, understanding its business, business objectives and specific needs.
Step 2

Market research

Market studies and in-depth analyses are carried out to understand the target sector, competitors, market trends and growth opportunities.
Step 3

Definition of objectives

Based on the information gathered, specific and measurable marketing goals that the company wishes to achieve are defined. Objectives may relate to increasing website traffic, increasing conversions, increasing social media engagement, etc.
Step 4

Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing consultant develops a customised strategy to achieve the set goals. This strategy might include content marketing activities, online advertising campaigns, website optimisation for search engines (SEO), social media management, marketing automation, and other targeted activities.
Step 5


In this phase, the marketing strategy is implemented. Content is created and optimised, advertising campaigns are planned and launched, social profiles are managed and other specific actions are activated according to the defined strategy.
Step 6

Monitoring and analysis

During the implementation of marketing activities, results are monitored and analytical data collected. Key metrics are analysed to assess the effectiveness of the strategies and actions taken. Based on the data collected, adjustments and optimisations can be made to improve performance.

Start now and reach your goals

Thanks to our tailor-made consultancy for each company, you can achieve your digital marketing goals right away.

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